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Message from the President

Message from the President

Fluctuations in the exchange rate have made the manufacturing industry advance into overseas markets. This advance has been growing.

Recent reports state that and I am under the impression that the old manufacturing industry has already finished its role.

However,what makes us possible to provide different kinds of services will be a combination of highly reliable hardware and software, and then what makes it come true will be us-the manufacturing industry.

We have made products to meet the customer’s various needs for forty years in having a centered, digital control technology. We can address the needs of your company by proposing technical solutions in both hardware and software.

Please count on Fuji Automation that we will keep making progress, with the aim of becoming the “engineering support company” which can help you in all aspects of engineering in the tweny-first century.

Company Profile


3442, Mida, Kounosu-shi,Saitama-ken, 365-0062, Japan 

TEL:+81-48-596-6291 FAX:+81-48-596-4652
Technical department:+81-48-596-6292 Development department:+81-48-596-6461
EstablishedOctober 1963
Capital90 million yen
ExecutivesAKIO TAKAKUBO : Representative derector
YUJI TAKAKUBO : Managing director 
No. Employees40 (End of August 2015)
Our business
  1. The System Design by using computers
  2. Design and Manufacture of computers-related peripherals, terminals and remote displays
  3. Development and Manufacture of automatic control devices and wireless control devices
  4. Development snd Sales of software
  5. Sales on consigment of software
Correspondent financial insutitutionMusashino bank Minamiurawa branch
Saitama credit bank Urawa branch
Mizuho bank Minamiurawa branch
Tokyomitsubishi bank Urawa branch
Risona bank Urawa central branch
The Small and Medium business Saitama branch

Main customers

FUJITU. Ltd and FUJITU Group company
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Origin Electric Co., Ltd.
Denshijiki Industry Co., Ltd.


20 minutes on foot from Kitakounosu station JR Takasaki Line

Information Security Certifications / Safety Standards

Quality Management System

ISO9001:1998 certified since 2000. Now certified to ISO9001:2008
Certification body / No.: JQA-QM5685

Information Security

We develop information guidelines and operate by signing a basic contract (memorandum) per client.

Environmental management

Certified within KES Environmental Management System
39 companies listed in the first section market evaluates Fuji Automation worth ISO14001

Business Continuity Management

We operate based on the BCM guidelines.

Biodiversity Principles

We receive food, fuel and materials of products from nature, and benefit widely by maintaining biodiversity.
Therefore, it is important to protect various living things in nature.

  1. To minimize the impact on biodiversity in our business activities, we attempt a sustainable use. We promote the greening of office, as well as promoting the relaxation of heat island phenomenon, while promoting recycling of products and paper to reduce carbon dioxide and attempt an effective utilization of resources.
  2. We will cooperate with the society and promote activities that are friendly to biodiversity conservation.

Daily Action Guidelines for Employees

  1. Do not throw away trash when going out. Take it home.
  2. Do not pick or harm wild grass without any reason.
  3. Do not feed wild animals.
  4. Do not drive into riversides or in the forest unless it is a designated area.
  5. Do not pour/throw away used oil and leftovers in the sink.
  6. No idling (promote by placing a poster on company cars)
  7. Reuse packing materials.

Group company

Group company

  ASTON. Inc
Temp business agency about personal computers Personal computer school

SUPER SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY. Inc (元サイトのリンクが無効のようです)
Design, Manufacture, Sales of

Partner company

Development of the auction system, Development of semiconductor system, Development of funeral management system, Development of information and communication system, Quality assessment and assurance