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We are specialized in “One-Stop” solution, from Designing/Development through Manufacturing/Inspection, for all kinds of electrical products.
For designing, we have resources for Electronic Circuit and Printed Circuit Board Pattern (using various CAD system), and Machine Hardware (using Solidwork and/or AutoCAD). For electronic development, we have resources for FPGA and other several PLDs. We have unique resources and experience in Programmable Logic Device (PLC), using Ladder Language.
For manufacturing, we have our own factory, in order for our designing section and manufacturing section communicate at the same place, and feedback customer’s requirements to products.
In case the customer needs their products to be localized or revised, we can review its specification and re-design, manufacture and inspect, as to be final product to release in its required market.
Not only “One-Stop” or “Through the road” service, we can provide each one of our function, such as Development/Designing, Contracted Manufacturing, Product Evaluation, and so on.
We are not just EMS company but EMSS (Engineering and Manufacturing Support Service) company. Feel free to contact us, in English, to ask your requirement according to our services shown above.