Our Business

Software development

Our company has an application for business, surveying instrument control for usage besides business and an extensive technology and knowledge using the PLC. We will meet all needs of software and hardware as a BtoB development partner.

Since the foundation, we have established a one-stop business structure including Fujitsu, body/housing designs for case-racks made of different plates, analog, digital control device, circuit design and manufacturing.

Recently, we support specialized companies on developing technologies and know-how that we can respond to.

Software development

Application software

We can help develop various tools that operates with Windows and other OS, construct databases and designing.

Corresponding database

PLC software development

Corresponding PLC(Sequencer)
  Fuji Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, Omron etc.

Transfer and communication means
  USB、Ethernet port、RS-232C port、、、、FL-net

  Ladder language and ST language (IEC61131-3)

The substrate development

We combine various circuit techniques mainly on CPU/FPGA and suggest you a product development with excellent cost value.

Power circuit, analog, digital, communication, CPU and surrounding circuits

We respond to: heatproof, waterproof, durability, noise control etc., serviceability, easy-to-use component layout, safe environment-related, EMC/EMI/EMS:VCCI

System technology
  2.Voice(MPEG、ADPCM etc.)
  3.Display and image
  (LEDdot matrix、7SEG、LCD)
  4.Storage(Compact flash、USB、SD)
  5.Various sensor application
  (CCD,CMOS Image sensor element)

Hardware mechanism design and manufacturing

We hold an environment to test material qualities and accurate evaluation for product developments that consider durability of body/housing, heatproof, waterproof, such as small-size electronic devices like box switches to large products like console desks.

3DCAD design

For an instinctive product image

Automatically calculates product weight, barycentric position and dimensions

Material quality and costs can be re-examined

Quality test

Performance quality is usually incorporated throughout the overall lifecycle, however mass production starting from prototypes enables an experienced specialist to check and re-examine the designs and parts from various perspectives like safety / environmental view.

Second Class Electric Work Specialist
National Trade Certificate (Expert Electric Equipment Assembling Technician)
National Trade Certificate (Second Class Electric Equipment Assembling Technician)
Vocational Training Instructors (Electron)

Holding facility (testing device)
Reliability Tests

Temperature / humidity chamber

Temperature / humidity laboratoryWithstand voltage tester

 Electrical Tests

Inrush current measuring instrument Insulation resistance tester Withstand voltage tester
LCR HiTester Digital power meter Electrostatic tolerance tester
Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes Audio analyzer Arbitrary waveform function synthesizer
Signal generator Precision power amplifier Voltage / Constant Current DC power
Frequency converter / AC regulated power supply    

Dam Gate Control / Management System

Dam management system and Gate management system provides monitoring and control for smooth gate control during floods.
In recent years, safety, reliability and efficient operation has been requested for water related monitoring control system including dams.

 Equipment capable of smooth response for both normal and emergency needs.

 Efficiency on operation through various automatic controls

 Automatic report to the telephone number registered at an abnormal occurrence

Monitors and disconnects the powder line from the powder section and the electricity company.

Monitors the dam. Automatically reports the registered telephone when there is an abnormal occerence.

Controls and shows the water quantity and water level during the opening and closing of the floodgate.